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Steel Towers: Advantages and Applications

Jul. 29, 2021

Steel towers have a lattice structure for increased mechanical strength. These are galvanized or painted to increase service life. Due to the higher mechanical strength, they can be used for larger spans. The Guyed Tower Manufacturer shares with you about the advantages and applications of steel towers, which we hope will be helpful to you

Steel Tower

Steel Tower

Advantages of steel towers:

1) Greater strength

2) Larger spans, so fewer cells are required

3) Towers have a longer life span

4) They can withstand severe weather/storms

5) Less maintenance is required

6) Can be used as nuns in hilly areas

7) Suitable for transmission lines from 33 kV to 765 kV

8) Moderate overall weight

9) Field installation

10) Very good appearance of lines

11) Not costly with iron and steel

12) More height to maintain adequate ground clearance

Applications of Steel Towers:

1) For low voltage 33 kV, 66 kV Simple structures for transmission lines and feeders.

2) Medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage up to 765 kV transmission lines Support towers are the only option.

3) Support towers are required for lines from generating stations to receiving stations and from receiving stations to primary substations.

The company also offers Single-Stage Towers and telecom towers, please feel free to contact us if you need

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