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Guyed towers are support structures for overhead transmission lines to support wires and lightning protection lines. Make the wire meet the limiting requirements for the ground and the ground. And can withstand the wire, lightning wire and its own load and external load. We are a provider of guyed mast towers of different heights and materials, can provide you with the most cost-effective guyed tower solutions, specific guyed wire tower products please continue to browse, welcome to contact us.

Application of Guyed Tower

The mast tower is often used in telecommunications, navigation, meteorology, and can be used in architecture both for urban buildings and for mountains in mountainous areas.

Structure of the Guyed Mast Tower

The guyed tower is composed of a tower head, a column and a pull line. The tower head and column are generally composed of space derivative structure composed of angle iron, which has good overall stability and can withstand greater axial pressure, and its pulling wire generally adopts high-strength steel stranding, which can withstand a large tensile force, so that the guyed tower can make full use of the strength characteristics of the material and reduce the consumption of the material. However, the pull wire covers a large area, which is not conducive to farmland machine cultivation, so it is also less used.

Guyed Tower Design

The work of the guyed tower is mainly maintained by pulling the wire, so the pull wire and the tower body should be regarded as equally important in the design. The design process is to first calculate the external forces acting on the tower, then calculate the pulling wire system, the main column, the cross-bearing, and finally calculate the foundation. In order to maintain the proper erection of the tower, the pull line should be set up before the tower is hung, and it is subject to the initial tension. Therefore, the initial stress of 160N/mm2 should be considered in the calculation. In addition, due to changes in temperature, self-weight and wind load, etc., it will cause an increase in internal forces, so the increase factor of 1.05 should be increased. Since the pull wire will cause the deformation of the ground anchor, the soil of the main column foundation and the sliding of the pull line parts under the action of external forces, the elongation of the resulting pull wire should be considered when calculating the displacement of the pull wire node.

Guyed wire tower vs self-supporting tower

Self-standing tower is a pole tower that relies on itself. The guyed tower is to install a symmetrical wire to stabilize the support tower at the head or tower body, due to the stable structure of the tower, good mechanical properties, resistance to storm attacks and line impact, more and more applications in high voltage lines.

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