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4 Legged Angle Steel Tower

The 4 legged angle steel tower, also known as a four-legged lattice tower or angle iron tower, is a type of structure commonly used in the construction of transmission lines, telecommunication towers, and other applications where height and stability are required.

The 4 legged angular steel tower is constructed using steel angles or angle irons that are interconnected to form a lattice framework. The angles are typically bolted or riveted together at their intersections, creating a stable and rigid structure. The lattice design provides strength and stability by distributing the load evenly throughout the tower.

The four-legged angle steel tower offers a robust and cost-effective solution for various applications that require height, strength, and stability. 4 Leg angle steel towers' lattice framework design, constructed from interconnected steel angles or angle irons, provides excellent load-bearing capacity and durability.

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