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Maintenance of Different Types of Communication Towers

Aug. 12, 2021

Thanks to the increasing popularity of cell phones over the past 15 years, you can now find a communications tower almost anywhere. However, it is important to note that not all cell towers are the same. There are four different types of towers that can be used to transmit cellular signals. Depending on your specific purpose, there are many different types of communication towers that can be installed - the most common of which are called pull towers.

 Monopole Tower

What is a wire pull tower?

A wire pull tower is a light to heavy type of communication tower that consists of straight poles arranged in a triangular shape, but supported by wires at all angles. Tie towers are exceptionally tall, up to 2,000 feet, and are often used to anchor antennas higher off the ground to provide greater signal strength and cellular reception.

In addition to cellular use, they can be used for radio and television purposes. They are ideal for rural customers who need maximum height at an economical cost.


Other types of communication towers

In addition to pulling towers, other variants can be used depending on the needs of the project. These include.

Single pole towers

Single tubular masts include this type of cellular tower; these structures do not exceed 200 feet in height due to the instability associated with the use of a single pole. An advantage of this tower type is that it requires very little floor space to erect and the antenna can simply be mounted on the top exterior of the mast.

Triangular Towers

Lattice towers, also known as "self-supporting towers", are usually made of steel and are triangular or square in shape. These types of communication towers typically offer the highest stability and flexibility compared to other types of cell towers.

3 Legged Tubular Steel Tower

Invisible Towers

Stealth type of communication towers can be deployed to meet zoning regulations. They are more expensive than other towers because they require additional material to create a hidden appearance. Their smaller size usually reduces their efficiency.


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