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Four Types of Communication Towers

Jul. 27, 2021

With the growing popularity of mobile phones over the last 15 years, you can now find communication towers almost everywhere. However, it is important to note that not all mobile phone towers are the same. There are four different types of communication towers that can be used to transmit cellular signals. Different types of mobile phone towers can be installed for specific purposes.


Guyed Tower

A guyed tower is a light- to heavy-weight communication tower constructed with straight rods aligned in a triangular form, but supported with wires at all angles.


Guyed towers are especially tall, reaching heights as high as 2,000 feet, and are typically used to hold antennas high off the ground allowing for greater signal strength and cell reception.


In addition to cellular use, they can also serve for radio and television purposes. They are ideal for rural customers who require maximum height at an economical cost.


Monopole Towers

A single tubular mast comprises this type of cell tower; because of the instability that comes with the use of a single pole, the height of these structures will not exceed 200 feet. 

An advantage of this tower type is that it requires little ground space to set up, and the antennae only needs to be mounted outside the top-exterior of the mast.


communication tower

communication tower

Lattice Towers

Also referred to as “self-supporting towers”, lattice towers are typically made from steel and constructed in a triangular or square shape. These towers generally offer the most stability and flexibility compared to other types of cellular towers.


Stealth Towers

Stealth towers can be deployed to satisfy zoning regulations. Because they require additional materials to create a hidden appearance, they are more expensive than other towers. Their smaller size typically makes them less efficient.


Have you ever seen a painted metal tree standing next to a highway? This is an familiar example of a stealth tower. This structure is used when the tower needs to be hidden in a prominent place. Many consider bare cell phone towers to be ugly or intrusive, so they are designed in a way that ensures integration with the surrounding environment. These towers can take the shape of many other objects such as signs, flagpoles, and even cacti!


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