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Why Are Monopole Towers Used for Telecom Communications

Aug. 25, 2021

The accelerated growth of the telecommunications industry requires more telecom towers to support additional antennas and equipment. These antennas enable wireless telecommunications operators, public and private sector leaders, and general contractors to increase the reliability and coverage of their networks. While there are many telecom tower options, deploying a monopole tower is often the best choice in a variety of situations. How can a single pole tower solve your telecom needs?

Jiayao Best Selling Safety 30 Meter Tower MonopoleWhy Are Monopole Towers Used for Telecom Communications

Advantages of Monopole Towers

Monopole towers have a single pole design, typically in the 100 to 170 foot range. You can install antennas on monopole towers with vertical incremental spacing of about 10 to 15 feet. Because of this feature, they can usually accommodate multiple antennas from several operators at the same time. Their narrow tubular design reduces the number of production parts and materials required. Monopole towers are not only the most cost effective solution, but also the least intrusive. These towers are ideal for tight or limited spaces and in situations where zoning is difficult. Monopole towers require less real estate to accommodate the tower base, making installation easier and deployment faster. Renting rather than buying a monopole telecom tower can help ensure a faster installation - especially if the tower you are looking for is already in stock.

When disaster strikes, this time efficiency is key. When a disaster like a hurricane hits, you want to be able to install your tower in a matter of days, not months. But quick installation isn't the only weather-related benefit of installing monopole towers. They are also an industry favorite due to their strength and structural integrity, making them able to withstand high winds. This is a major advantage for those looking to invest in telecom towers that can withstand storms. However, for an extra precaution, shorter towers are better suited for high wind areas, while taller towers are better suited for low wind areas.

In addition to emergency and disaster relief efforts, other common uses for fast and effective telecom tower installations include.

- Water tank restoration projects

- Large sporting, political and social events

- Temporary relocation

- Microwave connections

Their benefits go beyond their immediate use and include aesthetic and eco-friendly factors. While camouflaged monopole towers are attractive, they can also be more costly. The most common type of camouflage utilized by operators is the monopole tower that looks like a tree. Because of their smaller, less invasive nature - camouflaged or not - monopole towers can be a great option for urbanized areas. They "blend well into their environment" and, "often, climbing attachments and antennas are the only visible additions." Their smaller nature also results in less environmental stress, and surface-mounted monopole towers can further reduce ground disturbance. Many of the benefits mentioned above also make monopole towers a great temporary telecommunications option.

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