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What Are the Advantages of Installing a Cell Tower on Your Property?

Aug. 11, 2022

If you are a renter or community manager of a building, you may need to install a new communication tower near the building to provide residents with better cell phone signal and additional rental income. Read on to learn more about the possibilities of renting a cell tower on your property and all the advantages it offers.

What are the advantages of installing a cell tower on your property?


Better coverage

You'll enjoy better signal on your phone when you rent from the same cell phone company. Faster data and better call quality are huge benefits of leasing, especially if you work from home. Better coverage is just one of the benefits, though.


Reduce downtime

If you are a business, you will be able to get more work done. When leasing a tower, you have less downtime, which increases your productivity. The same is true if you work from home. Now that many employees have to work from home using computers due to the pandemic, installing communication towers can make service disruptions less frequent and keep people in the flow of work easier.


No investment

For most revenue-generating projects, you'll need to invest some money before you start seeing profits. However, cell tower leasing means no startup costs for you. When you rent out a property for a cell tower, you'll start making money right away.


Blend in with the landscape

If you're worried about visual pollution from cell towers, you don't have to. The hidden tower hides the utilitarian aesthetic of the communications tower. By disguising the tower as a tree, or even using an existing tree, the company can maintain a beautiful landscaping and boost the signal for customers. Their creativity is your reward as you can keep the vision you are used to and earn money by hosting towers. Check out our bionic tree towers and you will be amazed by them.


Best advantage

The biggest advantage of hosting cell towers at home is extra income. If you continue to renew your lease, you may be charged a monthly fee and possibly a long-term lease fee. Cell phone companies will have to build more towers in the area, so they won't be able to pay as much for each tower. You can earn anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the strengths and location of your property. Find out how much money you can make when you talk to one of our experts.


Ready to rent

These are the huge benefits you get when you rent a cell phone company - better coverage, less downtime, no investment, and integration with the environment. The biggest advantage, though, is the extra income. If you want passive income without breaking a sweat, cell towers are a great way to do that.


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