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What Are the Significant Advantages of Bionic Tree Towers

Mar. 11, 2022

Bionic tree towers, also known as bionic towers, belong to the communication tower technology industry. It is to make the communication tower harmonize with the surrounding environment, reasonably deal with the difficult problem of building stations in scenic spots and other places, and keep all the advantages of the original single tube tower.


The bionic tree tower has a beautiful and realistic structure and elegant design. Because the bionic tower is made to imitate a specific plant, its design looks like a real replica. Because it is carefully made and installed in the forest with similar green plants between scenic spots, ecological parks and city squares, it is close to nature and blends into nature. The distinctive large wire frame replaces the traditional service platform and is hidden in the tree branches, which does not easily destroy the overall beauty of the truss, and its personalized design layout is contemporary.

What Are the Significant Advantages of Bionic Tree Towers


The bionic tree tower is highly reliable. The tower foundation adopts integral concrete structure to prevent asymmetrical downward movement of the foundation; the feeder fixing cleats are built into the tower to cope with the feeder damage factor and increase its use time. The inner loose sleeve flange with deep processing is used between the tower sections to ensure the coaxiality and flatness and prevent the safety hazard of other interface methods.

Small footprint

The bionic tree tower has a small footprint and significant economic development utility. The tower adopts conical single tube structure, covers an area of only 1-2m square meters, basically 4-6m square meters, without the construction of communication base station wall, reducing the total land area of the customer and saving costs.

What Are the Significant Advantages of Bionic Tree Towers


Its use time is long and the actual appearance is maintained for a long time. As the tower is relatively small due to external loss, reasonable configuration, exquisite materials, long applicable period in mountainous areas; the surface layer is hot dipped galvanized, good corrosion resistance. The surface layer is equipped with simulation root, which is the same as simulation branch. It is made of this advanced composite raw material, with moisture-proof, fire-proof, corrosion-resistant, and can ensure that its appearance does not fall off for a long time.

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