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Construction Method of Bionic Tree Tower Installation

Apr. 09, 2022

With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, people's requirements for material and life are also increasing. Nowadays, bionic tree towers are set up separately, resulting in low integration of bionic tree towers, duplicated infrastructure construction and wasted resources. At present, in order to meet the needs of tourists, remote tourist attractions need to build infrastructure such as communication towers. Communication towers generally use bionic tree towers with decorative effectiveness and are built in open areas with relatively short locations.

Construction Method of Bionic Tree Tower Installation


1, Exquisite and realistic structure, beautiful and generous appearance. Bionic tree tower with real plants as the prototype, installed in the landscape, parks, squares and trees similar to its species, close to nature, and nature as one.

2, Small footprint, significant economic benefits. The tower body adopts conical single cylinder structure, covers an area of only l-2 square meters, the foundation 4-6 square meters, no need to build a base station wall, reduce the user land acquisition area and save costs.

3, Long service life, hot-dip galvanized surface, good corrosion resistance, the surface is equipped with simulated bark, it is a waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion senior composite material.

4, Strong structural stability and good technical performance. The tower base adopts independent reinforced concrete structure, which can effectively avoid uneven settlement of the foundation; the feeder fixing cleat is set in the tower body to protect the feeder from the wind and rain and avoid the safety hazards of other connection methods.

Construction Method of Bionic Tree Tower Installation

Install method

The specific construction methods for the installation of bionic tree towers are: pre-placement of lightning rods; repeated confirmation and inspection of dimensions; lifting by crane and installation of decorative items such as branches and leaves; and lifting after the antenna brackets are assembled to the tower on the ground. The overall photo, verticality measurement and grounding anti-corrosion photo after installation, as well as to pay attention to the reinforcement of anti-fall rope and some later maintenance, etc.

1. Lightning rod is placed in advance to prevent lightning strike and fire during thunderstorm.

2. Before the installation of the bionic tree tower, it is necessary to repeatedly confirm and check some important foundation information, such as the size, the solidification of the foundation after pouring, and the rebound at the later stage.

3. Lift it by crane and install the branches and leaves and other decorative items. Pay attention to the consistency of the direction of the ladder, and also pay attention to the consistency of the direction when installing the branches.

4. The antenna bracket is assembled in the tower on the ground and then lifted. The overall photo after installation, verticality measurement, grounding anti-corrosion photo, also pay attention to the reinforcement of anti-fall rope and some maintenance later.

5.Installation of space barrier mark. Different materials can be chosen according to the height of the bionic tree tower. Materials are:medium light intensity light, high light intensity aviation light, etc. These materials can not only play an aesthetic role, but also play a warning role.

Construction Method of Bionic Tree Tower Installation

With the development of society, the construction of cities, scenic spots, ancient buildings and other places should not only pay attention to the occurrence of disasters, but also to the beauty and harmony of the whole environment. Bionic tree towers can match with the environment and effectively solve the above problems.

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