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Development of Guard Towers from Ancient Times to the Present

Apr. 22, 2022

Guard towers are guard booths that are placed on a raised platform - similar to a prison guard tower. The advantage of guard towers is that the elevated position of the watchtower apex gives security personnel a wider range of vision, so they can see anyone approaching from a distance. It is no wonder that people refer to such towers as observation towers.

The observation tower has many parts, including the frame, deck and stairs. Due to the increased height of the guard watch tower, a full perimeter guardrail was installed to ensure the safety of security personnel. The staircase also has handrails for added security. Let's look at the history of the development of the guard tower.

Used for security purposes

Throughout history, observation towers have been built for several different purposes, but probably none more important than protecting an area or an army. One type of observation tower used to overlook and protect an area for an extended period of time is called a watchtower.

Guard towers were historically built for military purposes and date back to Roman times. You can also find security towers in Mediterranean countries. In the early Middle Ages, several watchtowers were built in Italy to keep an eye on incoming enemies.

Development of Guard Towers from Ancient Times to the Present

Castle watchtowers

The height of the guard observation towers had to be high so that the guards could best see early signs of a possible attack on the castle.

In the Middle Ages, the center of each castle had a watchtower known as a "fortress". Forts served a variety of functions, such as providing shelter for elite families and providing defense. With the modernization of the Middle Ages, the castles grew in size to accommodate larger families.


Over the years, the observation towers have been greatly modernized. Due to modern technology such as artificial intelligence, the relevance of traditional observation towers in modern warfare has diminished. However, observation towers are still used to maintain a military presence in warfare. The advanced technology of modern guard observation towers reduces operator workload and increases situational security and awareness. The most notable examples of modern technology in observation towers are intelligent repositionable remote surveillance towers and autonomous surveillance towers.

Development of Guard Towers from Ancient Times to the Present

Intelligent Remote Surveillance Towers

The Smart Relocatable Remote Surveillance Tower is a modern observation tower used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to protect the southern border of the United States. These 80-foot-tall tower security towers are equipped with advanced surveillance sensors, infrared and photoelectric cameras, and transmit images for suspected items of interest. The technology in the security tower also notifies agents of any suspicious activity.

Autonomous Surveillance Towers

Modern technology has brought about the Autonomous Surveillance Tower (AST), perhaps one of the greatest assets for securing U.S. Customs and Border. the AST works by monitoring the surrounding area with radar to detect any movement. If movement is detected, the camera focuses on the location and uses algorithms to study the image to identify potential threats such as vehicles or people. These autonomous surveillance towers can improve border patrol in a dramatic way.

Development of Guard Towers from Ancient Times to the Present

Observation Tower Installation

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