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Learn about the Design of Three-legged Angular Towers

Oct. 18, 2021

There are different types of self-supporting towers such as three-legged angular towers, three-legged tubular towers, four-legged angular towers and four-legged tubular towers. Three and four legged towers have slightly different tower designs.

Self-supporting towers are ideal for cellular base stations in urban and rural areas. These towers are freestanding structures, which means they do not require additional support like wire pulling towers. This feature of self-supporting towers makes them ideal for the construction of telecommunication networks in rural areas, as they can also be erected effortlessly in remote areas.

The modern design of self-supporting towers is the result of several improvements made after studying the effects of seismic vibrations and wind on the structure and frame of the tower. Telecommunications towers need to be robust as they must stand firmly on the ground and remain functional in the face of different natural forces, such as wind, rain and snow. Self-supporting towers have a sturdy frame that can withstand natural forces while also protecting the expensive telecoms equipment mounted on them. Here we take a look at the design and some of the uses of the three-legged self-supporting tower.

Learn about the Design of Three-legged Angular Towers

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Tower-corner design

The three-legged self-supporting tower has a triangular base pattern design which contains triangular corner elements. The three-legged tower is also known as the E-Tower. the E-Tower design is specifically optimised for medium and heavy loads. the E-Tower is ideal for standard cell sites.

E-type communication towers are designed for heights in the range of 20m to 70m. The tower is supplied in sections which are assembled at the cell site. the sections of the E-type tower can be easily transported in standard 20ft ISO containers. The tower is modular in design and engineers can interchange the tower modules to make it more suitable for specific cell site designs.

The tower is made of steel and further treated to resist rust.The E-Tower is built on the simple principle that as the height or load of the tower increases, the material in the lower part of the tower increases, making the tower stronger and more stable. 

The E-Tower can be equipped with different telecommunication accessories including safety equipment, lightning protection kits, antenna mounts, platforms and many more accessories. All these telecom accessories and equipment can be installed at any height and in any orientation according to the customer's requirements.

How do i choose

The construction of self-supporting towers is one of the biggest and dangerous aspects of building a telecommunications network. Therefore, telecom companies prefer to outsource this work to a telecom turnkey solution provider who has the expertise and experience required to perform such tasks.

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