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3 Legged and 4 Legged Self-supporting Towers

Nov. 03, 2021

Self-supporting towers are freestanding structures that do not require any additional support needed for pulling towers. These towers are usually preferred in areas where there is no shortage of land on the site. The reason for this requirement is that these towers need to have a good stability base. Let's take a look at some types of self-supporting towers.


Triangular angle tower.

This is a 3-legged tower with triangular angle elements. The triangular angle tower is also known as an E-type tower. The tower design is specifically optimized to handle medium to heavy loads. the E-Tower is the ideal tower for standard cell sites.

The height range of the E-Tower is 20m to 70m. The tower can be easily transported in a standard 20ft ISO container. the modular design of the E-Tower allows engineers to make last minute modifications to the tower design to make it more suitable for the site. The tower design can be modified because the modules of the E-Tower can be easily interchanged to fit a specific site design.

E-towers can be equipped with different telecom accessories including antenna mounts, platforms, lightning kits, obstruction lights, safety devices and many more accessories. All accessories can be mounted on the E-tower in any direction and at any height to meet the customer's requirements.


Recommended for delta angle towers: GSM/CDMA equipment, video surveillance equipment, radar, wind turbines.

 3 Legged Tubular Lattice Steel Telecommunication Tower


Square angle tower.

This tower is also known as "A-Tower". It is a 4-legged tower with square corner elements, based on a square pattern design. This design is specifically optimized to handle medium to heavy loads, and the A tower is ideal for major cell sites and central communications hubs.


Designed for heights from 20m to 120m, A Tower's modular design allows engineers to make last-minute modifications to make it more suitable for specific locations. Modifications can be made because the modules are easily interchangeable to achieve a specific site design.


Recommended uses for square corner towers:, GSM/CDMA equipment, marine radar, video surveillance equipment, forest fire monitoring, hub sites, wind turbines


Telecommunications are the backbone of every economy. Telecom turnkey solution providers have experience in efficiently managing the different branches of engineering that work together, which is necessary to build a good network. These service providers have extensive experience in completing work within a specified time frame without compromising on the quality of work.

 Factory Price 4-Legged Angle Steel Microwave Antenna Lattice Tower

JIAYAO also offers standard or custom designed self-supporting towers and other telecom towers to meet the specifications of the sites where the towers need to be erected.


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