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All You Want to Know about Guyed Wire Tower

Jun. 24, 2022

Guyed wire tower is a slender structure, which needs external support to maintain its stability. The tower is supported by cable or cable. Guyed tower is the most cost-effective type of tower used to build telecom networks. Compared with other telecom towers, these towers do not need a large foundation and use less steel, which makes them the most economical telecom towers.

Construction of guyed tower

As the name implies, guyed tower stands under the support of steel rope, that is, a strong wire rope cable anchored to the ground. A typical guyed tower is a vertical lattice tower structure, usually composed of four steel pipes. They are bolted and welded together, and the triangular elements are located between the four pipes that form the tower.
The tower is installed on a very good concrete foundation to ensure that it can resist the natural forces around it. However, because of its 90-degree vertical structure and slender shape, the tower may need more support to make it stand firmly. This is where Guyes plays a role.

Guyed Wire Communication Tower

Cost of guyed tower

Compared with other types of towers and masts, the construction cost of guyed tower is lower because it requires less materials. It is much lighter than other structures such as lattice towers. However, the guyed tower requires a larger surface area than the lattice structure because the cable stretches farther to keep the tower still. This requires telecoms companies to own or lease larger areas.

Load bearing of guyed tower

Although guyed tower can withstand a large number of wind loads, their payload capacity is much smaller than that of lattice towers. For this reason, guyed tower is usually the first choice when hoisting lighter, smaller RF antennas. However, when it comes to heavier antennas such as remote microwave transmitters, other types of towers are preferred.
Many factors need to be considered when designing and debugging cable telecommunication tower, including technical parameters and commercial parameters. It turns out that it is very economical for telecom service providers to entrust turnkey solution providers to handle all aspects of the location, design and commissioning of telecom towers (including guyed tower). 

Guyed Wire Communication Tower

Maintenance of guyed tower

The maintenance of guyed tower is slightly different from that of other telecom towers. Since the stability of these towers depends on pulling cables, telecommunications companies must prepare regular and timely maintenance plans to check the tension and loose members of the towers. Maintenance should also include checking the displacement of any feeder or telecommunications equipment that may affect the structural stability of the tower. It can be lowered to a comfortable height by loosening the cable. These towers are usually the first choice for hurricane zone telecom companies because they can be lowered if there is a hurricane warning in the area.

This feature helps telecom companies protect expensive telecommunications equipment from damage that would otherwise be destroyed by hurricanes. The task of reducing guyed tower is fully automated. The tower is equipped with an electric winch kit to lower or raise the tower as needed.

Guyed tower can install a variety of telecommunications equipment and accessories, such as antenna brackets, platforms, obstacle lights, safety devices, lightning protection kits and other accessories. All these accessories can be installed on the tower in any direction and at any height according to customer requirements. Supplier JIAYAO has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge needed to build a support tower and guyed tower. If your project needs to build a communication tower, please contact us.

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