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What Are Steel Towers Used for?

Feb. 07, 2023

Steel support towers provide a structural support framework for personnel or equipment when performing procedures within a facility. In any industry, they offer multiple advantages over other structural support methods in many areas such as cost, versatility, safety, speed of assembly, and maintenance requirements.


General steel support towers and their applications

Conveyor Towers

Bulk material handling often requires the use of large conveyor systems or bucket elevator conveying systems. Conveying towers support such material handling systems by providing proper conveying operations and ensuring the safe transfer of material within the facility.


Personnel access towers

Stair support towers, work platforms, lift support towers and man lifts support towers all fall under the category of personnel access towers, enabling personnel to access key points within the facility. In addition, they provide personnel protection and safety measures for risk-free work.

3 Legged Angular Steel Tower

 3 Legged Angular Steel Tower

Communication towers

Steel towers are widely used in broadcast and telecommunications applications, providing support and staff access for single antennas, directional AM antenna arrays, and even cellular network towers. The manufacture of such towers requires manufacturers to adhere to strict industry guidelines to ensure that each communications tower built meets the requirements.


Tank and silo support towers

For many tanks and silos used to store bulk materials, the shape or operational requirements do not allow such large containers to be self-supporting. For example, in a water tower, the tank needs to be raised. Another example is a silo with a conical bottom, which needs to be supported by a steel tower in order to stand upright.


Process equipment towers

In many applications - such as the drying of semi-solid items or grains or chemical reaction processes using fluidised beds - materials need to be handled in a vertical direction and combined with a complex network of pipes or ducts. Steel towers are built to provide support for such industrial equipment, enabling many agricultural or chemical industry applications to operate successfully.


Benefits of support towers

Steel support structures exist in a variety of fields and applications because they offer a variety of benefits that are unmatched by other methods of support. Some of these benefits include.


Steel support towers are versatile products due to the structural integrity and weight support capabilities they provide.


The steel construction industry has implemented comprehensive regulations that cover everything from fabrication to steel alloy grades/types to the use of standardised structural weldments. The regulations also cover overall design, construction and inspection standards. This ensures that every steel support structure operates as designed and intended.


Support towers made of steel have a long service life and require minimal maintenance.


Steel support towers often include stairs or protective ladders with cages, handrails, and other necessary protection to ensure safe operation of personnel and to reduce the risk of accidents.


Steel tower structures are pre-designed and pre-fabricated at the manufacturing plant, leaving only the assembly on the construction site. This speeds up construction and assembly, minimizes the possibility of human error during critical operations such as cutting and welding, and reduces the risk of workplace accidents on the client's construction site.


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