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Benefits of Lattice Towers

Apr. 11, 2023

The question of whether to use angular or tubular towers is always in the background of every project, the answer is not straightforward, because each type of tower is suitable for certain applications.


What are the Tubular Steel Poles?

Tubular steel poles are another of the major types of transmission towers. They are made up of hollow steel poles. Tubular steel poles can be manufactured as one large piece, or as several small pieces which fit together.


What are the Lattice Steel Towers?

Lattice steel towers are made up of many different steel structural components connected together with bolts or welded. Many different types of lattice steel towers exist. These towers are also called self-supporting transmission towers or free-standing towers, due to their ability to support themselves. These towers are not always made of steel; they can also be made of aluminum or galvanized steel.


Manufacturing cost.

For bigger towers and heavier loads, tubular sections are becoming more useful and more economical. While the costs do differ from one telecom tower manufacturer to another, it is true that the cost of manufacturing is significantly higher, mainly because of the welding process, but the weight-to-strength ratio is much lower than in angular sections.

3 Legged Tubular Lattice Steel Telecommunication Tower

 3 Legged Tubular Lattice Steel Telecommunication Tower

Benefits of lattice towers


Design and details of the lattice tower

The capacity of the lattice tower components and connections can be described by relatively simple formulas.


Modeling and design are relatively easy.

The deflection of lattice towers with tension wires is much higher compared to self-supporting towers and monopole antennas.


The dynamic overall behavior of lattice towers is well suited to wind turbines.

The configuration of the lattice tower can be easily adapted to accommodate multiple circuits and various types of conductor configurations.


Tower Cost And Fabrication

Monopole antennas are typically more expensive than lattice towers due to the higher cost of the panels.

Monopole antennas require specialized plate benders and have high capital costs.

Lattice towers using angular cross sections are very easy to manufacture with a quick factory set-up.


The thickness of monopole panels increases rapidly with tower height and load.

Galvanization of monopole sections is much more difficult than for corner sections.

Three-Legged Tubular Communication Steel Tower

 Three-Legged Tubular Communication Steel Tower 


Lattice corner sections can be bundled according to the available capacity of the truck and are therefore easy to transport.

Compared to tubular steel poles, the size and weight of the tower elements to be transported are smaller.



The scheduling of construction sites is extremely flexible and many jobs are carried out in parallel.

Where it is not possible to install a crane, lattice towers can be erected using gin poles or floating derricks.



The lattice structure is highly transparent and therefore has a low impact on the landscape.

Galvanized steel structure and small concrete foundation for optimum ecological balance (saves raw materials; both tower and foundation can be recycled).


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