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Doing business ethically and with integrity is critical to our global success and ethics is the foundation of our Company's culture.

As JIAYAO Tower continues to grow, meeting the highest standards throughout our global organization requires the active participation and commitment of all our employees.

We have many tools and resources in place to help guide our teams in day-to-day business conduct. These programs, along with consistent communication from our executive management team on ethical behavior, continue to support our strong commitment to corporate values and on doing business with the highest level of integrity.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy

JIAYAO Tower is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity and expects all employees to abide by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct when working with our customers, vendors, suppliers and communities. Each employee signs our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy annually, committing to uphold our ethical standards and embody the Company's fundamental values of ethical business practice.

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